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About Us

The British Association of Women in Policing is the only national organisation to embrace all women of ranks and grades. We are proud to support the diverse roles that women play in our police force across the country.

We have spent over 30 years passionately working towards gender equality and addressing the gender pay gap within policing. During this time, we have built a solid foundation of representatives from across the UK and now include other services including British Transport Police, Royal Navy Police and Isle of Man Constabulary.

Find out more about the history of British Association for Women in Policing here.


Our aims

The BAWP aims to raise awareness and understanding of issues affecting women in the Police Service, to build discussions on issues and provide the female perspective, develop a professional network of officers both nationally and internationally and contribute to the professional development of members.


What do we do?

Over the years we have actively participated in meetings at the Home Office with ministers and their staff, including having them as speakers at our own events. We played an integral part in developing ‘The Gender Agenda’. Since its initial launch on 21st August 2001, the document has since been reissued and as of October 2014, the ‘Gender Agenda 3’ now stands as the latest edition. It is a living document which has been embraced by the home office.

Professional development is something that we are extremely committed to. The British Association for Women in Policing piloted a specially-designed Management and Leadership Development Course for women officers. This was later recognised by the College of Policing and absorbed into main-stream courses.

This development also includes organising two development days a year focussing on important and current topics such as Violence Against Women, Building Alternative Working Practices and Body Armour for Women Police.

As an organisation, we have established good working relationships with a number of organisations to work together on issues of mutual concern and provide support for members of both parties. Our partnerships include relationships with:

  • National Transgender Police Association
  • National Association of Muslim Police
  • National Disabled Police Association
  • HMIC
  • Police Federation of England & Wales
  • Police Superintendents’ Association
  • National Black Police Association
  • Gay Police Association

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