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British Association
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So its #InternationalVolunteersDay a day to say THANK YOU to all that take time out of their busy lives and give back in some way or another. The day where we all give each other a big pat on the back and say well done. #CouldYou #MyOtherLife

‘40 Foolish Girls’ and a community made mosaic celebrating the impact that Edith Smith had on modern day policing #HHinthelibrary @ALouHarr

Congratulations to our officers, staff and volunteers for being nominated for national awards with The British Association of Women in Policing. Last week they were presented with their certificates and invited to celebrate at our Headquarters.

Congratulations ladies 👏👏👏

💼Respect women at work.
🏠 Respect women at home.
🏫Respect women at school.
🏛️Respect women in politics.
🚗Respect women on the road.
🚶‍♀️Respect women in the streets.
🚈Respect women in transport.

🤜🤛A virtual fist bump for respecting women everywhere. #orangetheworld

Start your week feeling positive, end it feeling proud. #BameWomeninPolicing @metpoliceuk @BTPDiversity @CityPolice Be Inspired,Be Empowered,Lead your journey @SunitaGamblin @MarkMcEwanMPS @Janet_Hills @JasKaur_Met @ShabnamChaudhri @Stubud @SupersWylie @BasJavidMPS @LucyDorsiMPS

I’m constantly being told I’m too soft and that I need to toughen up a bit! I’m told I help and feel sorry for the wrong people and that these people have made the choices to be where they are?!
But I ask the question, In a world where you can be anything, why not be kind?💙

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The British Association for Women in Policing was founded to empower the Police services’ strong, hardworking women. The organisation’s mission is to continue to ensure that women’s voices in policing are both heard and understood.

Gender equality within policing is an integral part of BAWP’s mission and the organisation plays a significant role in providing a platform for women within in the industry.

With representatives across the UK, including the British Transport Police, Royal Navy Police, National Crime Agency and Isle of Man Constabulary, we work with both national and geographic forces and law enforcement responsibilities.

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