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British Association
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Police deserve positive mental health and resilience.
Virtual event on resilience and Wellbeing , see the link for more details and get involved.

The mental health issues related to lockdown and the pandemic are hard for everyone but especially for those already battling with their mental health. The wonderful charity MIND have a helpline which is open Monday to a Friday 9-5 0300 123 3393. Please could you consider sharing

Staff Networks have the potential to influence levels of staff engagement and productivity in the workplace, enabling employees from minority groups to feel accepted, tackling the under-utilisation of skills and encouraging diverse talent.

Liz Warner, Chair of WOW@WOWestMercia

Why join WoW? .... What do you get from a staff network?

We would like nothing more then to celebrate and recognise some amazing individuals this year however our priority is to our families, friends and colleagues during these uncertain times. Therefore the BAWP November Awards are postponed, we will continue to keep everyone updated.

It's OK not to be OK, please take a moment to check in with family and friends, asking for help is not a sign of weakness it's a sign of strength. #bethere #SuicidePrevention

We have just recently been donated this photograph of Violet Butcher (1882-1967). In 1919 she was part of the first 100 women police officers (spot her collar number, 98) recruited by the Met.

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The British Association for Women in Policing was founded to empower the Police services’ strong, hardworking women. The organisation’s mission is to continue to ensure that women’s voices in policing are both heard and understood.

Gender equality within policing is an integral part of BAWP’s mission and the organisation plays a significant role in providing a platform for women within in the industry.

With representatives across the UK, including the British Transport Police, Royal Navy Police, National Crime Agency and Isle of Man Constabulary, we work with both national and geographic forces and law enforcement responsibilities.

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Met AC Neil Basu calls on colleagues to "stand up to racists"

Neil Basu, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, has called on colleagues to "stand up to racists, inequality and injustice" in a personal message following the death of George Floyd.

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