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In 2000 and 2001 BAWP was actively involved in a partnership of several organisations in the development of "The Gender Agenda", a document designed to highlight the working environment experienced by women officers in the police service, with some positive suggestions on what the Service and individuals can do to improve the current situation. The Agenda sought to start a dialogue and increase understanding of the reality of being a woman officer in today's police service.

Please note that this is the original 'Gender Agenda', and is not connected in any way with the campaign announced in July 2007 by the EOC - though we are happy to support their plans also!

In 2003 forces were asked to respond to a questionnaire to guage the impact that the Gender Agenda was having, and the results were published.

Click here to access the special page on Uniform issues.

Further Update in 2006...

At the end of 2005 and start of 2006, BAWP National Coordinator Liz Owsley and BAWP committee member (and part of the original working party) Ellie Bird travelled the length and breadth of the UK with a series of workshops to investigate how the Gender Agenda has been used and developed in forces, and collected a vast amount of information on current good and bad practice. One important development is that it has been expanded to include all female personnel employed in the police service. The information they gathered has been sifted, and a new document produced, which was launched in London on 30 October 2006. The new document (now reprinted with minor amendments) is available here . 

Yet another update in 2007 & 2009

The Garnett Foundation developed a course entitled "Gender Agenda in Action", which was an event incorporating live theatre,designed as a training platform for driving the aims of Gender Agenda 2 forward, using a proven and engaging innovative approach. They will bring this to your own venue, and has proved to be a very valuable resource for forces who have already used it. 

The Dawning of Eve. The Garnett Foundation, which has been providing innovative training on the Gender Agenda document, has now launched its new dramatic training product "The Dawning of Eve", in conjunction with NPIA. It was premiered at this year's Senior Women in Policing Conference, and is a powerful production. 

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