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Flexible Fathers

Research conducted by Lancaster University Management School into the family and working lives of fathers who work flexibly, on behalf of ‘Working Families’ has shed some interesting light on the issue. The main findinge are :

  • Fathers working flexibly in the private sector have better physical and psychological health, are less stressed and more committed to their employer
  • Fathers working flexibly in the public sector are less troubled by their work-life balance and sense of overload but – probably due to current stresses and job insecurity in the sector – are less likely to report higher levels of wellbeing and commitment
  • Fathers whose partners work full-time report significantly higher levels of wellbeing and sense of purpose
  • Fathers who claim to do most of the housework are happier with their work-life balance
  • Fathers on a low income feel less stressed if they are able to work flexibly

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