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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions form part of the agreement between you and us, British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP) for your membership.

1.2  Your membership agreement forms the rules and regulations applicable to Your Membership of BAWP.

1.3  In these terms and conditions, the word ‘including’ and the term ‘such as’ and any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the following words.

1.4 These Terms may be reviewed and/or altered at any time. We will use reasonable endeavours to inform you of such of material or significant changes to the Terms as far in advance as reasonably possible with notice of any significant change such as the temporary closure of a facility or change to Membership Fees. Notices will be displayed on the website and, where You have provided an email address, this will be used as the primary method of contact for such notice.

2.   Duration of your agreement

2.1   Your agreement runs from the start date shown in the membership agreement profile (upon which these terms and conditions are set out) and will continue until terminated by either of us in accordance with the terms set out in this document and our Constitution.

2.2   I understand that I have a right to terminate the membership agreement anytime within 14 days of the start of the contract and would be entitled to a refund of all fees paid minus the activity cost price of anything utilised during this period of time.

3.   Membership Fees

3.1   You have agreed to pay the annual membership fees shown on the Membership Form for the type of membership you have chosen. Details of the various types of membership appear in condition 4 below. You were given the option of electing to pay annually online through PayPal or offline via Direct Debit or Internet Banking.

3.2   If you choose to pay us by Direct Debit you will need to advise us if you change bank details.  We may however accept other payment methods at our absolute discretion.

3.3    Our membership fees are reviewed periodically, revised fees will be displayed on our website and written notice given to you at least 10 working days prior to any changes taking effect by email/and or letter.

3.4   On expiry or termination of your membership, it will be your responsibility to cancel your direct debit.

4.    Membership


4.1  Membership categories and entitlements are listed on the website under Membership we reserve the right to change our membership categories from time to time and to refuse membership to persons not eligible within the terms of our Constitution .

5.    Payment options

5.1    If you choose to pay your membership fees by direct debit payment will be taken annually and debited from your bank account. You will need to advise BAWP of any change to your bank account at least 14 days before the renewal date.

5.2 Online Payments – Members can choose to pay by credit or debit card through our website. Payment is taken directly by PayPal and BAWP do not collect or store any credit card information on our servers.

5.3 Online Banking – Should you choose to pay by internet banking or BACs our bank details will be available on your membership invoice

6. Data Protection

6.1 We will record any personal information you give us in accordance with all relevant data protection laws.

7. Contact details

7.1 You must advise us of any changes in your address or other contact details so that we can communicate with you when required.

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