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Work / Life Balance

Working Families’ book for fathers

Working Families has republished its best-selling “Daddy’s Home” booklet.The guide focuses on how fathers can get a real balance between work and family life throughout their careers. Drawing on interviews with fathers from a wide variety of occupations, and including a unique life planner, “Daddy’s Home” provides an inspiring and practical guide for men who…
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Losing your flexible working?

According to some recent press reports, it is time to stop harping on about gender equality: the sex wars have ended. But in the current economic climate, it appears that pregnant women and new mothers still face discriminating employment practices. Others find that their hard won flexible working hours are withdrawn under the cover of…
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Flexible Fathers

Research conducted by Lancaster University Management School into the family and working lives of fathers who work flexibly, on behalf of ‘Working Families’ has shed some interesting light on the issue. The main findinge are : Fathers working flexibly in the private sector have better physical and psychological health, are less stressed and more committed to their…
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Flexible Working Guidance

Guidance on flexible working in the police service has been published by the College of Policing. BAWP supports the revised guidance, working in a service that is 24/7 achieving work/life balance is key to helping to retain a skilled, healthy and diverse workforce. With the number of changes occurring within the police service it is…
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