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LadyCare – help for menopausal problems

BAWP members and Dorset Police personnel have been using a magnetic device to help alleviate menopausal symptoms for a number of years, and we were carrying some information about the original trials. However in a revamp of the site that link appears to have got lost, so the endorsement is now reinstated as follows:

BAWP members trial a natural solution for the menopause

Police staff participate in trials of a product to combat menopausal symptoms.

Our members have taken part in a number of studies to test a device designed to alleviate the menopause. These trials highlight the impact of the menopause on women at work, and in the latest study, 71% of participants reported that the product reduced their symptoms.

The device, called LadyCare, discreetly attaches to underwear, and has already been widely tested with positive results. However, special trials were required to show that it is a natural alternative for menopausal symptoms in the workplace.

As the menopause could have a negative effect on our members, we were keen to test LadyCare’s claims to address all associated menopausal symptoms from hot flushes to anxiety, sleep problems to bloating. Those surveyed were also questioned to find out to what extent they are suffering from the menopause at work.

What were the results?

Out of 75 women questioned, it was found that nearly 50% said that their performance at work was affected by the menopause, citing reasons such as forgetfulness, irritability and extreme tiredness. It was also found that 52% of the women surveyed felt under pressure to remain at work whilst experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms.

In 2010, 35 women with menopausal symptoms from Dorset Police participated in another trial of Ladycare. Each participant wore the device over three months, and the study was monitored by women’s health specialist Dr Nyjon Eccles.

In this test, the natural product resulted in 71% of participants reporting reduced or complete relief from hot sweats and other menopausal symptoms.

Our lead for health and work/life balance, Chief Superintendent Gill Donnell MBE, has been very impressed with the results of these studies. She said:

“As an organisation, we are keen to support anything that improves the ‘quality of life’ and compliments health issues for women police staff. In that way, a natural product, such as LadyCare for Menopause and Mn8 for period pain, that has been trialled and reported by our workforce as effective and positive is a real plus.

“I was amazed at the significant difference this product made to my hot sweats and mood swings. I would encourage all women of a certain age to try it.”

Following the results of these surveys, we’ve recommended this product to our members as a drug-free medical device shown to help relieve the symptoms of the menopause.

Liz Owsley, our National Coordinator said:

“We know that a significant amount of our 550 members are experiencing ‘the change’ and are thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity to try a drug free alternative to reducing their symptoms. As an organisation we are committed to supporting our members in the best way possible and we recognise that for some, the menopause can significantly affect their daily working lives.

“We hope that LadyCare will bring welcome relief to those of our members who are experiencing some of the more uncomfortable side effects of this life stage.”

For more information visit http://www.ladycare-uk.com/what-is-ladycare.php.

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BAWP’s own commissioned research by Professor Amanda Griffiths at Nottingham University. Slightly old, but still relevant.

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