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Maternity & Pregnancy

Maternity Action

Maternity Action is an organisation which supports and advises pregnant women on a range of issues. For more information see their website.

Work can be damaging in late pregnancy

Working after eight months of pregnancy could be bad for your baby, according to a recent study. For more information see “Work can be damaging in late pregnancy” attached.

Night duty bad for pregnancy

Working a night shift can lead to longer pregnancies and lower birth weight babies, researchers have found. The study of more than 40,000 Danish women looked at the experience of groups who worked during the day, evenings, nights, and those who worked rotating shifts. For more information see “Night Shift” attached.

Night work linked to premature baby deaths.

Working nights while pregnant increases the risk of giving birth prematurely by up to 50 per cent, according to a new study by University of North Carolina. For more details of this report, please see “Night work linked to premature births” attached.

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