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Job Related Fitness Test

The JRFT was introduced to all Police Forces following the Winsor Review in 2013 and is meant to be taken yearly by all frontline officers.  The JRFT measures aerobic capacity and is required before an officer/Special Constable/PCSO can undertake Personal Safety Training. It is the same standard that Forces use when recruiting new officers and PCSO’s and is the same for both males and females.

The test should only be taken by those individuals that carry out Personal Safety Training.

The JRFT consists of a 15 metre shuttle run where participants run constantly back and forth to a bleep which gradually becomes faster as the test goes on.

All officers undertaking PST should reach a level of 5.4 on the Bleep test. There is no need to wear your full operational uniform and the test can be taken in normal physical training clothing and footwear.

Forces must undertake the testing in an indoor facility with suitable flooring and floor markings. It is important to ensure that the recording of the 15-metre multi-stage fitness test can be heard clearly from all parts of the facility where the testing is being undertaken.

Please note there is no separate standard for Taser trained officers and the College of Policing suggest that the level should be 5.4. However some forces have set their own levels for taser trained officers which is outside the guidance of the College.

Your Force may run female only fitness tests or 1:1 training with your Force PTI. Some Forces have also introduced female only Personal Safety Training sessions. Please refer to your own Force PTI for any alternatives that are available.

Should you fail the Bleep test then you should be offered all the support you need to be able to reach the level of fitness required. This could be duty time offered for visits to the gym etc, personal training sessions with your Force PTI. There are numerous methods of support offered by all Forces and you should find out what your Force can offer you if you are struggling to maintain a level of fitness that would see you passing the test. You should be allowed at least 3 attempts to pass the test

It should be noted that the Force can instigate Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures against you should you not pass the test following 3 attempts. If you are facing that issue then we would suggest you speak to your local Federation Representative as soon as possible.

Please note the protocol below which indicates the times/gradient at each level.

UnitRecommended standard
Marine Police Unit5.4
Chemical,Biological,Radiologocal and Nuclear5.4
Method of Entry5.4
Dog Handler5.7
Mounted Branch5.7
Police Cyclist5.8
Police Support Unit6.3
Air Support6.4
Police Divers6.8
Marine Police(Tactical Skills)7.2
Authorised Firearms Officer(AFO)7.6
Armed Response Vehicle9.4
Dynamic Intervention(AFO)10.5

The Chester Treadmill Police Walk Test Police (CTPWT)

If for any reason you are unable to run the Bleep test then there is an alternative in England and Wales. This may be because you have an injury or a disability that is aggravated by running back and forth and turning constantly. In this case there is an alternative test called the Chester Treadmill Police Walk Test and this came into being after rigorous testing in 2017. In most Forces you will have to be referred to do this alternative test by your Occupational Health Team or the Force Doctor. Check with your Force policy/PTI if you believe you may need to do this alternative.

Following a suitable warm up you have to walk at a brisk pace (6km/hr) on a treadmill. Every 2 minutes the gradient will be raised by 3%. The target time for Personal safety Training is 10 minutes. That has been tested to represent the 5.4 on the shuttle run in terms of aerobic capacity. You should note that you cannot hold on at any time during the test.

Please note the protocol below which indicates the times/gradient at each level.

​LevelTime (mins)Treadmill gradient
10 - 2​0%
22 - 43%
3​4 - 6​6%
4​6 - 8​9%
5​8 - 1012%

Of course there is the option to take the alternative test for specialist posts and the relevant times are shown in the table below:-

UnitTarget Time(mins/secs)
Marine Police Unit10
Chemical,Biological,Radiologocal and Nuclear10
Method of Entry10.20
Dog Handler10.20
Mounted Branch10.20
Police Cyclist10.20
Police Support Unit10.40
Air Support10.40
Police Divers11.20
Marine Police(Tactical Skills)11.40
Authorised Firearms Officer(AFO)12.00
Armed Response Vehicle(at 10.4km/hr)8.00
Dynamic Intervention(AFO)(at 10.4km/hr)10.00

It should be noted that not all Forces do the above tests and may have their own way of testing officer/staff fitness. If you feel your Forces test is unfair then please speak to a Federation rep and advise them of your concerns.

Our advice if you are struggling to do any of the fitness tests is to talk to someone before it is too late. You will be offered support and advice and you will be assisted to get through the test and onto your personal safety training.

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