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Julia Jaeger

Julia is a retired Met’ Inspector. She began her career a very long time ago as a Police Cadet with Sussex Police. Being paid to enjoy herself! She became a Constable at 19 and served in the then Policewomen’s Department firstly at Burgess Hill and then Crawley. She joined CID for several years before resigning to go to college and further her education. After a few years working for several charities she re-joined the Police firstly in Warwickshire as a civilian and then in 1987, the Metropolitan Police as a Constable.


After retraining at Hendon she was posted to Notting Hill. After a year in uniform she re-joined CID and spent time working in the main office and the Crime Squad. In 1995 she was promoted to Acting Sergeant before becoming a Sergeant the following year. She was then posted to Chiswick and Hounslow where she worked on a response team as a patrol sergeant, Custody Sergeant and Control Room Controller. In 2001 she had the privilege to be selected as a United Nations Police Monitor for the Policing Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She spent a year there, firstly as a local police monitor in Bratunacs ( a rural town in East Bosnia) working with the local police. Then as a trainer for incoming monitors at UN Headquarters at the capital Sarajevo. Her final posting was as the Commissioner’s staff officer. The whole experience left a lasting impression of working with officers from around the world.


On return to the UK she became staff officer to the head of the Met’s Department for Professional Standards. In 2004 she was promoted to Inspector and spent 7 years at Hammersmith and Fulham working in Community Policing, Patrol and Safer Transport – policing buses before retiring in 2011.


Attending a BAWP Professional Development Day in 2003, she met Jane Townsley (BTP) a Board Member for the International Association of Women Police who was recruiting new members to IAWP. Having served abroad and hoping to make contact with officers she had served with in Bosnia, Julia signed up! A year later she attended the 2005 IAWP conference in 
Leeds. She got the bug and a year later went to the next conference in Saskatoon in Canada at her own expense. In 2009 she successfully stood for election to the IAWP Board as Regional Coordinator for Europe.

This has involved reaching out to policewomen in different countries in Europe as well as representing IAWP at seminars with Non Governmental Organisations in Belgrade, Budapest, Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan. Every year she also submitted all the BAWP award winners to IAWP for their awards and always saw at least one receive an IAWP award – thus demonstrating 
the high standards of policing in the UK.


In 2015 together with Carolyn Williamson (former BAWP secretary) she co-directed the IAWP conference in Cardiff where 600 officers attended from around the world. None of this could have happened without the support of a hard working team from South Wales Police as well as BAWP!

She is currently Recording Secretary for IAWP and provides a link between the two associations by sitting on both Boards. She has always been passionate about enhancing the role of women in the Police and eradicating discrimination of any sort.

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