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Committee Members


The BAWP Committee is comprised of elected volunteers from both police officers and police staff from across the UK.  

Dee Collins

President of BAWP

Nikki Butt

Vice President

Emma Port


Jane Brookes

Membership Secretary

Executive Committee

Paula Booth

Yorkshire & Humber Rep

Jackie Alexander

East Midlands Rep

Mandy Chapman

London Rep

Lisa Hogan

North Eastern Rep

Julia Jaeger

International Representative

Liz Masterson

City of London Rep

Nicky Carter

Wales Rep

Susan Thomson

Thames Valley Rep

Kerry Smith

Nottinghamshire Rep

Michelle Booth

West Mercia Rep

Carol Thomas

Dorset Rep

Annita Clarke

Bedfordshire Rep

Hillary Clarkson

Greater Manchester Rep

Sarah Johnson

Northamptonshire Rep

Lucy McNeil

North Yorkshire Rep

Tom Thompson

Northamptonshire Rep

Joanna Young

London Regional Rep

Jackie Connor

Special Constable Rep

Ronnie Egan

Essex Rep

Sarah Dimmock

Cumbria Rep

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