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Award Categories

An officer or officers or staff member(s) who have distinguished herself / themselves by an act or acts of bravery or heroism at risk of her/their own personal safety or in the face of great danger, above and beyond the call of duty.

Coaching and Mentoring
An officer or staff member who has distinguished herself with positive support, influence and assistance to women in law enforcement by developing programmes, training and/or policies benefitting female officers and/or police staff.

Community Service
An officer or staff member who has distinguished herself by superior accomplishments through developing, creating, implementing, and participating in programmes involving communities, which include neighbourhoods, schools, community meetings and businesses, which improve the quality of life for the community and reduce anti-social behaviour and/or crime.

Excellence in Performance
An officer or staff member  who has distinguished herself through her outstanding attention to duty or investigative effort which leads to the identification, location or arrest of a major criminal or criminals and/or criminal activity.

Inspirational Woman
A woman in policing who has overcome adversity and inspired others.

An officer or staff member who has distinguished herself by her exemplary accomplishments demonstrating a continuing, long term involvement, using leadership skills that encompass, but are not limited to, team building, problem solving, planning and organizing, communication and/or administration which make a significant contribution within the Force, Department or law enforcement mission.

Lifetime Achievement
An individual who has made significant contribution to aspects of policing that encompass one or more of the existing award categories or somehow made an impact to a community/society or in the lives of others for a significant number of years.

Police Officer of the Year
An officer who by her overall performance and accomplishments throughout her career has distinguished herself in the four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance.

Police Staff Member of the Year
A member of Police Staff who by her efforts has made an outstanding achievement to support, promote, improve and enhance policing, law enforcement and/or the criminal justice profession.

Police Volunteer of the Year
A volunteer who has made a significant contribution to policing through her commitment and enthusiasm, and who has made a measurable difference to the force or community she serves.

Special Recognition
An individual who has made a significant contribution and commitment to the advancement of women in policing. (Open to male and female candidates, and recipient does not necessarily have to be in the police service).

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