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2021 BAWP Awards Nominations Form

The nomination process this year is scheduled to close on 31st Jan – be sure to get your nominations in before the deadline for consideration!


To ensure your nomination has the best chance of being successful, we’ve put together some top tips for you:

  • Make sure the nomination fits the category.
  • Don’t use acronyms. Each force calls teams different names, be clear.
  • Be detailed as possible, but limited to the word count (500 words).
  • Be as personal as possible, give us some background on the individual.
  • Be clear about what did the individual Nominee did to deserve the award. Avoid talking about teams/departments achievements.
  • What makes this person stand out Nationally!
  • Summarise the nomination giving an overview of the person.
  • Don’t miss out, make sure it’s in before the deadline!
  • If you have trouble accessing the form below, in the first instance ask your IT department to whitelist the addresses linked here, try completing the form from a non-force device. If neither of these options work for you, please contact us at awardsteam@bawp.org. 

Good luck!

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