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100 Years 100 Women

As part of the celebrations to celebrate 100 years of women in policing in 2015, BAWP held an exhibition at the Awards luncheon showcasing 100 women in policing past and present.

Here are the women that were put forward. Please note that the ranks and forces refer to the situation that existed in 2015, so many are now not current.

A huge thank to everyone who put forward names for the project.  It was a humbling experience to read about all the phenomenal women in policing in the last 100 years.


Nina Boyle

Metropolitan Police Service. One of the pioneers of the women’s police service in Britain

1881 - 1940

Jean Thomson

Scotland’s first female Police Sister

1940 - 1944

Bertha Gleghorn

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service. First female officer to die on duty during WW2

1914 - 1920

Margaret Damar Dawson

Police Officer. Founder of the Women Police Service in 1914.

1930 - 1946

Dorothy Peto OBE

Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Service. The first attested Woman Superintendent in the London Metropolitan Police from 1930 to 1946.

1915 - 1918

Edith Smith

Police Constable, Lincolnshire Police. The first woman police constable in the country to be sworn in, with official powers of arrest.

1919 - 1949

Lillian Wyles

Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service. Recognised as the first female detective in Metropolitan Police Service.

1917 - 1922

Sophia Stanley

Police officer, Metropolitan Police Service. She designed the first women’s police uniform, known as the Stanley uniform

1936 - 1966

Jessie Alexander

Chief Inspector, Nottinghamshire Police. The second female police officer in the City Force to serve for 30 years.

1949 -1977

Helen Welburn

Superintendent, Cheshire Constabulary. Introduced Probationer of the Year Award, which has been running ever since.


Kathleen Parrot & Ethel Bush

First women to receive the George Medal in 1955.


Marion McMillian MBE, BEM

Police Officer, Police Service of Northern Ireland. Established the women police branch in 1943 in the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

1968 - 1972

Sislin Fay Allen

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service. First black female officer to be recruited.

1968 - 1972

Stella Kathleen Solomon

Police Officer, Northamptonshire Police. The first female police officer in Northants

1962 - 1992

Alison Halford

Assistant Chief Constable, Merseyside Police. First woman to be appointed to the rank, and thereby smashed through the glass ceiling for a lot of Policewomen.

1956 - 1990

Jennifer Hilton Baroness Hilton of Eggardon

Police Officer, Metropolitan Police Service. First MPS officer to be ennobled


Brenda Mann

Police Sergeant, Suffolk Constabulary. Suffolk force’s first woman police sergeant.


Jackie Malton

Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service. First female police officer to join ‘The Flying Squad’.


Janet Skeef (nee Bond)

Police Officer, Sussex Police. First senior woman officer in Sussex Police and responsible for setting up the entire Policewomen’s department for the county in the late 60s.

1986 - 2015

Colette Paul QPM

Chief Constable, Bedfordshire.

1986 - 2015

Sue Sim

Chief Constable, Northumbria Police.


Angela Wilson

Chief Superintendent, Police Scotland (previously in Tayside Police). A giant within policing in Scotland, she has immense credibility due to her sound operational background and has been a trailblazer throughout her career

1970 - 2009

Barbara Wilding CBE, QPM

Chief Constable, South Wales Constabulary. First female Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary.

1986 - 2014

Eugenie Brooks

Police Sergeant, Metropolitan Police Service. Organised motorcycle days for female officers for the MPS and for Surrey Police.

1983 - 2013

Carmel Napier QPM

Chief Constable, Gwent Police

1977 - 2014

Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Gillian Spence (1977-2014) Police Constable, Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Longest serving female Authorised Firearms Officer. ********************************** Linda Smith (1978-2014) Inspector, Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Thought to be the longest serving female police officer the UK has ever had

1983 - present

Cressida Dick

Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service. First female Assistant Commissioner & Previous President of BAWP. Awarded the CBE in 2015 and now Commissioner of MPS.

1975 - 2007

Della Cannings QPM

Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police.


Dame Elizabeth Neville

Chief Constable, Wiltshire Police. First female Chief Constable for Wiltshire and first police woman to be made a Dame (DBE).


Ellie Bird

Chief Superintendent, British Transport Police. Previous Vice President of BAWP.

1986 - 2013

Jane Townsley

Chief Inspector, British Transport Police. IAWP President

1983 - 2014

Jackie Roberts

Chief Constable, Dyfed Powys Police. First female Chief Constable in Dyfed-Powys

1973 - 2008

Jan Berry

Inspector, Kent Constabulary. First female Chair of Police Federation of England and Wales.

1982 - 2014

Judith Gillespie

Deputy Chief Constable, Police Service Northern Ireland. Appointed the first female Assistant Chief Constable in the history of Northern Ireland policing.

1982 - 2012

Julia Hodson

Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police. The first female Chief Officer for West Yorkshire Police.

1978 - 2010

Julie Spence, CBE QPM

Chief Constable, Cambridgeshire Constabulary. Previous president of BAWP.

1982 - 2013

Katherine Govier QPM

Assistant Chief Constable, Bedfordshire Police. Awarded BAWP Lifetime achievement & QPM in 2013

1977 - 2007

Liz Pettman

Superintendent, Suffolk Police. Keeping Equality and Diversity issues on the agenda for the past 40 years, even in her retirement.

1978 - 2013

Norma Graham

Chief Constable, Fife Constabulary. First female Chief Constable appointed in Scotland.

1983 - 2013

Mandy Chapman

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service. A role model and trailblazer. Worked as one of the few female general purpose dog handlers and also as a specialised blood detection dog handler. A long-standing Committee member of BAWP.


Pauline Clare

Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary. First Female Chief Constable, appointed in 1995


Shirley Tulloch QPM

Retired Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Service. Shirley provided an outstanding contribution to the service, both internally and externally.


Stephanie Morgan QPM

Assistant Chief Constable, Leicestershire Police. An outstanding role model for gay personnel. Awarded the QPM in 2015.

1983 - 2014

Susan Thomson

Police Sergeant, Thames Valley Police. The first female Public Order Instructor in TVP and became a specialist in teaching self-defence, riot tactics and evidence gathering. Since retiring has become a qualified midwife.


Suzanne Williams QPM

Police Officer, Metropolitan Police Service. First female head of Hostage unit at New Scotland Yard.


Wilma Canning

Human Resources Equality & Diversity Adviser, Police Scotland (previously Tayside Police). Vital in developing Gender Agenda in Scotland.

1984 - 2014

Yvonne Rhoden

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service. Instrumental in changing national and international policy in relation to domestic violence, honour based violence and female genital mutilation


Judy Davison

Commander, City of London Police. First President of BAWP.


Angela Williams

Chief Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police. Contribution to the development of female officers and staff through the mentoring she provides.

1989 - Present

Annita Clarke

Inspector, Bedfordshire Police. One of only two British officers to win IAWP award for Officer of the Year, in 2013. Now Regional Coordinator for IAWP in the area covering most of Europe.


Carol Evans

Inspector, Dyfed Powys Police. The first female Officer to be promoted to the Rank of Inspector in Dyfed-Powys Police, in 2001.

1986 - present

Sue Fish

Deputy Chief Constable, Nottinghamshire Police. First Detective Superintendent in Nottinghamshire.

1988 - Present

Debi Potter

Chief Officer, Special Constabulary, Dorset Police. The only female Chief Officer of Special Constabulary in the UK and was the first ever woman Chair of the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers. Also a full time Unison rep, and former BAWP Committee member.

1987 - Present

Dee Collins QPM

Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police. President of BAWP.


Elizabeth Kenworthy

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service. Awarded the MBE following her actions whilst off duty at the scene of the London tube bombings on July 7th as well as an IAWP Medal of Valour.

1980 - Present

Gaynor Grout

Police Constable, Surrey Police. Awarded in the QPM in 2014

1987 - Present

Heather Roach

T/Deputy Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police. The first female substantive officer to be promoted to Assistant Chief Constable in the county

1999 - Present

Helen Spooner

Detective Inspector, Cheshire Constabulary. Awarded the QPM in 2015

1985 - Present

Irene Curtis

Chief Superintendent, Lancashire Constabulary.. First Female President of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England & Wales.

1989 - Present

Janette Elise McCormick

Deputy Chief Constable, Cheshire Constabulary Awarded the QPM in 2015

1989 - Present

Jackie Alexander

Detective Superintendent, Nottinghamshire Police. Founder member of Notts women’s network and long-standing BAWP Committee member.

1994 - Present

Jacqui Cheer QPM

Chief Constable, Cleveland Police. Twice hosted Senior Women in Policing Conference

1984 - Present

Jane Sawyers

Chief Constable, Staffordshire Police.


Professor Jennifer Brown

London School of Economics. Contribution made to better understanding of the issues faced by women in policing through publication of academic research.

1989 - Present

Justine Curran QPM

Chief Constable, Humberside Police.


Karen Watkins

Director of Corporate Services, Cheshire Constabulary. Awarded the MBE in 2012

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