British Association for Women in Policing 


This page is dedicated to the issues that have arisen in connection with our continuing work on Aim 5 of Gender Agenda 2, and will be updated as new items come to notice.

To start with, here is an article published in 'Corporate Clothing' which gives a good oversight into the current situation.

Here is a summary of comments received from a recent request for information on the carriage of equipment.

We have also produced our own guide to uniforms for women in policing

Our own magazine, 'Grapevine' has carried a feature on the work being done in Kent Police to improve uniform for its female personnel.

Two additions from Devon and Cornwall for the Good Practice document specific to uniform issues, on shirts and trousers for women.

ACPO Police Uniform working group submitted this paper to ACPO Cabinet in November 2008 - but the fight goes on!.

BAWP position: Caps v Bowlers & Ties v Cravats

Female uniform has been subject of debate for many years, but none more so than the last few years around action from The Gender Agenda and Gender Agenda 2.

BAWP has been asked by a few forces what our stance is around the headwear and the ties v cravats debate.

Headwear for women officers has changed many times over the last 20/25 years. BAWP believes that the service has found a very reasonable item of uniform in the ‘bowler hat’. It provides the safety element by being a ‘hard’ hat and also retains the female image of policing.

In relation to ties v cravats: men wear ties, women do not. BAWP believes that the cravats are smart and, again, retain the female image of policing.

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