British Association for Women in Policing 

100 Years 100 Women - 
Currently Serving Police Officers & Staff 

Angela Williams              

Chief Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police

Contribution to the development of female officers and staff through the mentoring she provides.  

Annita Clarke (1989- Present)       

Inspector, Bedfordshire Police    

Only one of two officers to win IAWP award winners for Officer of the Year in 2013

Carol Evans              

Inspector, Dyfed Powys Police        

The first female Officer to be promoted to the Rank of Inspector in Dyfed-Powys Police in 2001

Sue Fish (1986-present)   

Deputy Chief Constable, Nottinghamshire Police

First Detective Superintendent in Nottinghamshire

Debi Potter (1988-present)   

Chief Officer, Special Constabulary, Dorset Police

The only female Chief Officer of Special Constabulary in the UK and was the first ever woman Chair of the Association of Special Constabulary Chief Officers

Dee Collins (1987-Present)     

Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police

President of BAWP

Elizabeth Kenworthy      

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service

Awarded the MBE following the July 7th bombings as well as an IAWP Medal of Valour.

Gaynor Grout (1980-Present)

Police Constable, Surrey

Awarded in the QPM in 2014

Heather Roach (1987-Present)

T/Deputy Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police

The first female substantive officer to be promoted to Assistant Chief Constable in the county

Helen Spooner (1999- Present)    

Detective Inspector, Cheshire Constabulary

Awarded the QPM in 2015

Irene Curtis (1985-present)   

Chief Superintendent,  Police Superintendents’ Association of England & Wales 

First Female President of Superintendents' Association 

Janette Elise McCormick (1989 –Present)  

Deputy Chief Constable, Cheshire Constabulary

Awarded the QPM in 2015

Jackie Alexander (1989-present)   

Detective Superintendent, Nottinghamshire Police

Founder member of Notts women’s network.  

Jacqui Cheer QPM (1994-Present)

Chief Constable,  Cleveland Police  

Twice hosted Senior Women in Policing Conference  

Jane Sawyers (1984-present)

Chief Constable, Staffordshire Police     

Professor Jennifer Brown                   

London School of Economics

Contribution made to Policing    

Justine Curran QPM (1989-Present)

Chief Constable, Humberside Police 

Karen Watkins          

Director of Corporate Services, Cheshire Constabulary

Awarded the MBE in 2012  

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