British Association for Women in Policing

Mandy Chapman

Committee Member 


 Mandy left Manchester and her position as the youngest Manager with House of Fraser to join the Metropolitan Police in 1983. After her two year probationary period she was posted to plain clothes duties for 3 years on both drugs and crime squads but left that role to fulfil her dream of becoming a Dog Handler. She has worked four General Purpose Dogs over the past 24 years and has specialised in Firearms Recovery and particularly in Victim Recovery and Blood Detection work. She was a Co-ordinator for large scale searches and worked extensively outside the Met including being Team Leader for the 6 month MPS Victim Recovery Dog deployment to Machynlleth in the search for April Jones.  

Mandy received an award for Excellence in Performance from the International Association of Women Police and was commended for her bravery in tackling armed suspects at separate incidents. She has received a number of Commendations during her career and in 2014 was awarded an Assistant Commissioners Commendation for bravery with her dog in detaining a very violent man wanted for a number of offences including armed robbery. She describes this as "the cherry on top" of a wonderful career. 

Mandy has been an Executive Committee member since 1995 and remains involved in a number of projects with the National Public Order Clothing Committee, the National Body Armour Working Group and the College of Policing. 

Having spent her entire service on the front line of Policing her enthusiasm shows with her continued involvement and passion with presentations and demonstrations to schools, community groups and fellow officers.

After 30 years frontline policing Mandy has now retired with her dog and they enjoy long walks together. Mandy is enjoying her new challenge as an RYA Powerboat and Jet ski Instructor.


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