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Police Staff Achievement Award 2015

A member of police staff, who by her efforts has made an outstanding achievement to support, promote, improve and enhance policing, law enforcement and the criminal justice profession

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Police Staff Achievement, Nagina Ali, Lancashire Constabulary

‘Persistent, resilient and driven by her desire to safeguard and protect victims she will not give up until she has exhausted all lines of enquiry'. 

Nagina’s role is to assist critical police investigations within the black and minority ethnic (BME) community such as Domestic Violence and Honour Based Violence.  Over a wider geographic area, Nagina strives to improve and narrow the gap of engagement with BME women.  She has established contact with more than 20 groups across the area and links them to County and National support organisations.  Nagina was central to organising the Lancashire Police Female Genital Mutilation and Honour Based Violence event.  She has offered support and assistance to many women experiencing honour based violence and forced marriage. She liaised with partners to assist them with accommodation and immigration issues.

Nagina gives a lot of her own personal time as she recognises that simple engagement is where change can start for these vulnerable women and meets with key partners to develop critical partnerships.  Persistent, resilient and driven by her desire to safeguard and protect victims she will not give up until she has exhausted all lines of enquiry.  Her ingenuity enabled her to assist with a serious cyber crime harassment investigation towards an Asian female by a male living in Pakistan.  Nagina spent a long time during her weekend off speaking to the family.  She then contacted a friend of her own family in Pakistan who lives in the same area as the offender.  Having trouble with the police in Karachi she identified a member of the Pakistan British High Commission and explained the issues she was having.  The Commission contacted the Federal Investigation in Karachi who arrested the offender.

Nagina is a truly dedicated and committed individual tackling a very sensitive and complex area of policing and without doubt has made a significant difference to victims and has prevented more women from becoming victims whilst helping police officers investigate these types of crimes successfully.

Highly Commended 

PCSO Ros McInulty, Lancashire Constabulary

‘In short, Ros is an inspiration to others’.

Ros is an outstanding example to other officers and has been so in every role she has occupied in the 19 years she has worked for Lancashire Constabulary. She had an excellent relationship with the businesses in the Town Centre knowing most by name.  On a few occasions, she was the victim of assaults due to her fearless attitude to her work, but this never dulled her enthusiasm.

Since July 2011, Ros has been a PCSO working in Darwen, and here she has found her niche.  Her work rate is phenomenal. She is incredibly pro-active in dealing with anti social behaviour in her area. Ros is not a person to shy away from a problem situation regardless of who she is dealing with, be it drunken adults, groups of rowdy teenagers or a classroom full of children.  She carries a high caseload in respect of people who are vulnerable and actively encourages partner agencies to get involved.  The families she works with love her and are much safer due to her input.  She is relentless in pursuing the involvement of any agency she feels it necessary and many very difficult problems have been solved by her sheer persistence where, there is absolutely no doubt, others would have given up. 

Ros was asked to be a Keyworker for Government funded Troubled Families Scheme.  She had already taken it upon herself to work with families using a similar ethos, so this was a natural extension of her work. With limited formal qualification, and in her own time, she successfully completed a Foundation Degree in ‘Working with Families’, a requirement for becoming a Supporting Families Keyworker and a great personal achievement.

In short, Ros is an inspiration to others.  Even in these austere times she exudes positivity and her grasp of issues in the area she works is second to none.  “She is a credit to the police and an example to all”.

Jill DiMartino, Metropolitan Police Service

‘a direct result of Jill’s dedication, which regularly sees her volunteering to work with the cadets above and beyond her working hours’.

Jill worked in the Hackney HR Unit when she volunteered to take over the borough’s struggling police cadet scheme.  The scheme had diminished to less than ten cadets and was beset by problems arising from a postcode culture, which meant that young people felt inhibited from leaving their own estates to attend any type of activity.  The scheme had no full-time leadership and was poorly resourced, operating from the disused canteen of a semi-derelict police station. 

Within a few months of starting work with the cadets, Jill convinced the local community to fund a permanent post for her as cadet leader.

Jill worked tirelessly, going out into the local community and persuading young people to join the cadets.  Jill established a programme of activities, which meant that the unit appealed to a broad range of young people irrespective of ethnicity or gender. Within a short time, Jill was arranging camping trips to Wales for cadets who had never left Hackney.

Since Jill has been leading the unit she has secured the use of a brand new state of the art base for the cadets in the heart of the borough, funded by the local authority.  She has led a number of successful expeditions, the most remarkable of which was the Bikes to Gambia project when Jill took a group of Cadets to Gambia along with dozens of donated bicycles – the cadets built a new workshop so local school children who received bikes could keep them well maintained. 

As a result, of Jill’s boundless enthusiasm and commitment over the last 5 years, the unit has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most successful cadet schemes in London.  This is a direct result of Jill’s dedication, which regularly sees her volunteering to work with the cadets above and beyond her working hours.

The unit now boasts over 100 cadets and a number of voluntary leaders, meeting several times a week in a brand new facility. The success of the scheme is a key art of diversionary work for young people who may otherwise get involved in criminal activity.

Police staff dispatch operator, Lauren Minor, Avon and Somerset Police

‘The incident lasted for over five hours and was an outstanding test of resilience and skill, commitment and achievement.’

Lauren is 18 years old.  She has worked with Avon and Somerset police and this piece of work shows what an exceptional person she is when she dealt with incident at only 17 years old.  Lauren deals with numerous complex situations, managing threat, harm and risk to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Lauren took a call from a woman clearly in crisis and in need of help.  She was crying and saying she could not get hold of the emergency mental health crisis team.  She was feeling out of control and fearing for her own safety if she returned home.  Lauren established that the woman had previously self-harmed and thought she may do this again.  She tried to reassure her and keep her calm and tried to call the mental health team but to no avail.  The woman hung up but Lauren recalled her trying to establish her locations, immediately recognising her vulnerability and risk of serious harm. Lauren raised this with the force Incident Manager.  The woman was saying she would kill herself with tablets and knives.  She began to divulge to Lauren that she had been a victim of sexual, physical and mental abuse in her childhood.  Lauren built up an excellent rapport with the woman who really began to trust Lauren and understood she was trying to support her during this difficult period.  She offered reassurance and support while at the same time creatively obtaining information as to her location without alerting the woman to her tactics.  Lauren was then able to help coordinate the search and deployment of resources to locate her.  Lauren maintained an accurate and thorough written record throughout this very stressful call.

A police trained negotiator, an Inspector, arrived to take over negotiations from Lauren but he quickly realised the excellent grip of the situation she had and the trust and confidence that had been built between Lauren and the woman during the call. He therefore adopted a secondary role and allowed her to continue negotiations.  Again, this is an unusual situation for a person so young and arguably with limited life experience to be managing such a critical call.  Although the woman kept providing false information, Lauren persisted and eventually collected enough information to identify her exact location.  Police officers were deployed to find her and they safely located and detained her. The incident lasted for over five hours and was an outstanding test of resilience and skill, commitment and achievement.  Lauren made a significant difference to this woman and provided the best quality of care possible.

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