British Association for Women in Policing 

Officer of the Year Award  2015

An officer, who by her overall performance and accomplishments throughout her career has distinguished herself in the four areas of leadership, community service, mentoring and excellence in performance.

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Temporary Police Sergeant Gemma Currie, West Midlands Police

‘Gemma works tirelessly for her local community...’

‘…an exceptional Neighbourhood Policing Officer…’

Gemma is an exceptional Neighbourhood Policing Officer who has recently been recognised for her excellence in service delivery.  Her work is of a consistently high standard and has included problem solving, partnership working, community engagement to deal with a variety of complex issues of ASB, prostitution and drug dealing using her initiative by using civil powers to close down a problem addresses and proactively work to address drug dealing.

Gemma works tirelessly for her local community especially her self-initiated work with local schools.  She has previously developed a schools mentoring programme whereby she met pupils to provide guidance to aspiring police officers. Gemma recognised the shortcomings of how schools liaison officers nominations.  She identified that the role of schools liaison officer needed updating and specialising into a specific role with a review of their job description and training.  She worked to develop a partnership with Newman University to provide the right training by negotiation with the University and the Force Learning and Development and sharing her idea with other policing commands to develop it further.

Gemma was nominated for a 3-month attachment to work on the Young person’s strand of the Operational Policing Programme.  Her contribution has been superb and she has received many plaudits about the high standard of her work, her interactions with command teams and colleagues and the final report she completed on the effectiveness of the Schools and Police Panels in Birmingham. This was a thorough, thoughtful piece of work which has been excellently presented in several strategic forums in an engaging and informative manner and she has received excellent feedback from Chief Officers.  Her nominator comments “I need reminding that Gemma is a constable and not a Superintendent such is her level of thinking and strategic awareness and she fully deserves recognition as officer of the year”.


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Chief Inspector Emma Bond, PSNI

‘Emma is exceptionally resilient…’

Emma Bond was the Area Commander for the Lower Falls area, which is one of the most socioeconomically deprived areas in Northern Ireland and a long-standing crime and ASB hotspot.  She also identified a trend of escalating injuries to officers and criminal damage to police vehicles. Her objectives were to deliver reduced ASB, fewer injuries to officers and reducing damage to vehicles therefore simultaneously improving the safety and wellbeing of the local community, her officers and a financially pressured organisation.  Emma negotiated media engagement and support from the communities that had previously been significantly anti-police.  An interim evaluation showed Emma had achieved all her objectives resulting in a sustained improvement in performance.  Emma’s approach was underpinned that it had wider benefits for increased trust and confidence and it would work towards reducing levels of demand for PSNI, which is crucial to maintain quality of service in current austere times.

Overall, during Emma’s tenure in West Belfast ASB reduced 15%, burglary reduced 30% and clearance increased by 6%.  It is vital to view these achievements against the backdrop of the Northern Ireland security situation, which is a unique policing challenge in the UK.  Although Northern Ireland is officially, “post conflict” dissident republicans continue to be active launching approximately 20 attacks last year with a further 60 intercepted.  As such, coupled with the deprivation factors is has huge legacy issues which are a barrier to development of trust and partnerships with the police. Emma didn’t allow this to hold her back. The terrorist threat is a factor both personally and professionally and during her tenure officers were killed and seriously injured both on and off duty.

Emma is still able to find time to mentor colleagues and is an active member of the PSNI Women’s Police Association. Emma is exceptionally resilient and deserving of this recognition.

Inspector Nicky Cross, Metropolitan Police

‘Nicky is an incredible role model for female police officers everywhere’.

Nicky in her 28 years of service has established her reputation as a dedicated, hardworking and highly professional officer. In her time, Nicky has received two commendations for bravery, professionalism and dedication to duty and a third Old Bailey Judge’s commendation for bravery & courage during the course of an arrest of a man with a gun. Whilst working in TSG Nicky was injured on duty; and was advised she would never run again, never be able to work in public order again and would likely have to give up her career.  However, against all odds, Nicky regained her fitness, and returned to full duties.  When Nicky was promoted to Inspector she was one of only a handful of female public order Inspectors and in 2004 Nicky joined CO19 becoming the first externally appointed female specialist firearms Inspector in the UK.

In 2008, Nicky successfully completed the national negotiation course and instantly realised her true calling.  Nicky spent the next 4 years of her service pursuing this dream, volunteering many evenings, weekend and nights as on call negotiator across London honing her skills and dedicating her life to those in crisis whilst still continuing to coach and mentor colleagues and working with the leadership academy. In 2012, Nicky became a negotiator trainer delivering training nationally and internationally. Nicky is the first female lead of National Training on Hostage and Crisis Negotiation and currently the only female officer in the Met to be Red Kidnap trained.  Nicky is an incredible role model for female police officers everywhere.

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