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Leadership Award 2015

Awarded to an officer or member of staff who had distinguished herself by her exemplary accomplishments demonstrating a continuing, long term involvement , using leadership skills that encompass team building, problem solving, planning and organising, communication which make a significant contribution within the force, department of law enforcement mission.

Award sponsored by College of Policing 

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Joint Winner – Constable Francesca Tamblyn, Dorset Police

‘…holds her own and is respected as a savvy and insightful officer’.

Fran has worked for Dorset Police for 11 years.  She is held in high regard not only within her organisation but also regionally, through her leadership in Public Order training and policing of public order situations in her role as Tactical Advisor. Her commitment to the delivery of Public Order, Taser and Public Safety Training has been nothing short of exemplary as has her support and championing of women and under represented groups in these areas.

She is a professional role model for all that she meets and shows a depth of modesty and self-deprecation that would suggest that she doesn’t appreciate how good she is.  Fran has excelled in every role she has performed and carries an extensive portfolio expertise.

Fran has twice been recognised by Dorset police for her ongoing outstanding contribution being awarded a Chief Constables Commendation and the Chief Constables Quality of Service Award.  She has particularly shown leadership qualities in her role as the Force lead Taser trainer where Fran was recognised for her drive to make a number of significant changes regarding Taser deployments and their command.  . 

Fran managed her work and operational commitments around a young family while still maintaining an all-important work life balance.  Fran is a consummate professional and ambassador for the force who deserves special recognition for her leadership

Joint Winner - Deputy Chief Constable Michelle Skeer, Cumbria Constabulary

‘Michelle’s passion for changing culture in particular in relation to gender is nothing short of outstanding’.

Michelle has been a police officer in Cumbria Constabulary for 25 years. Throughout her career she has been able to influence, drive and change culture in relation to fairness and equality.  Michelle progressed through uniform community roles to become a detective, then promoted through the ranks with CID, becoming a Senior Investigating Officer and as Chief Superintendent she was Head of Professional Standards.  

She became Deputy Chief Constable in 2014.  Prior to that, Michelle was the first female Chair of the Cumbria Police Superintendents Association.  She is an outstanding role model for female and male colleagues alike in how she has managed to progress her career.  Michelle is passionate and committed about development and has always made time to mentor and support her colleagues, often in her own time.  Michelle has sought to improve fairness and equality throughout her career in all of her roles, becoming involved in a range of work to make a difference.  

She became gender champion in 2006 when the Constabulary had a female workforce of around 24%.  Michelle led on a range of initiatives that have made a huge difference which has ultimately led to the Constabulary having the highest female police officer representation in the Country at 40%.  Michelle has managed to bring the entire organisation and their partners with her on these issues, without “turning them off”.  Michelle’s passion for changing culture in particular in relation to gender is nothing short of outstanding.

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Highly Commended 

Highly Commended - Detective Sergeant Hannah Bell, Durham Constabulary

‘Her nominator said, “if only we could clone her”.’

‘She is an exceptional positive thinker and shows others how to develop this gift.’

Hannah is an exceptional officer.  She has taken on the role of developing leadership in Durham Constabulary over the last 2 and half years after previously leading a team in the specialist operation unit. She has immense credibility and understanding in the theme of leadership, inspiring many officers and staff to see the world and their challenges in a different light and turn their ambitions into reality.

Durham Constabulary “feels different” according to HMIC, Hannah is one of the reasons.  She has worked with Durham’s female staff group to help increase confidence, set up mentoring programmes and personally coaches individuals. While she may be a Detective Sergeant, her influence and whom she inspires extends well beyond this with coaching support and leadership experiences being provided by Hannah to all ranks and staff including the executive. She is a trusted confidante and helps to challenge and advise the senior leadership when they are looking at postings, designing promotion processes and forming teams. 

Seeing is believing and her time is very much in demand; she runs leadership workshops and attunes herself strategically to what is happening in the force and is constantly refreshing the programme she delivers so the leaders of the organisation are clear about what they need to achieve through their teams and how best to go about it. The leadership programme Hannah has developed and implemented recognises and celebrates diversity, positivity and ambition.  It has drawn the attention from the College of Policing and numerous external organisations such as Fire and Rescue, Northumbrian Water and Rolls Royce. Hannah dedicates herself to the betterment of others.  

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