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After months of hard work the BAWP were pleased to launch Gender Agenda 3 on 21st October at New Scotland Yard.  We were delighted to be joined by the ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde, the President of the Superintendents Association, Chief Constables and support associations from across the service plus many more.

Gender Agenda 3 is the culmination of research carried out with a number of forces and helps us understand the services current position relating to diversity relating to gender.  Gender Agenda 3 will be the BAWP’s framework for strategy and action plan to make progress with and for the service.  

The action plan will set out on how we can work with your force to ensure that women within in the police service can have the confidence and skills to be best in whatever role or career path they choose.

Gender Agenda 3 & Research


Gender Agenda 3 can be downloaded by clicking here

Please click here to download the research led by Manchester Metropolitan University, 'Police reform: Consequences for the agenda and the police workforce' January 2014


Speaker Presentations


If you would like to discuss any of the recommendations in the document please contact  Tina Bartnett 

or alternatively please contact your BAWP regional representative


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