British Association for Women in Policing 

100 Years 100  Women - Early Years

Nina Boyle (1914)          

Metropolitan Police Service      

One of the pioneers of the women's police service in Britain

Jean Thomson (1881-1940)   

Police Officer, Dundee

Scotland's first female Police Sister 

Bertha Gleghorn  (1940-1944) 

Police Constable, Metropolitan Police Service

First female officer to die on duty during WW2      

Margaret Damar Dawson (1914-1920) 

Police Officer             

Founder of the Women Police Service in 1914 

Dorothy Peto OBE (1930-1946)

Superintendent, Metropolitan Police Service

The first attested Woman Superintendent in the London Metropolitan Police from 1930 to 1946

Edith Smith (1915-1918)

Police Constable, Lincolnshire Police       

The first woman police constable to be sworn in, with official powers of arrest

Lillian Wyles (1919-1949)

Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service  

Recognised as the first female detective in Metropolitan Police Service

Sophia Stanley (1917-1922)   

Police officer, Metropolitan Police Service     

She designed the first women's police uniform, known as the Stanley uniform  

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