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Community Service Award 2015

An officer or staff member who has distinguished herself by superior accomplishments through developing, creating, implementing and participating in programmes involving communities, which include neighborhoods, schools, community meeting and businesses which improve the quality of life for the community and reduce ASB and/or crime.

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Police Community Support Officer Susan Tomlinson, West Mercia Police

‘…in true “Sue” style she set about creating that support and the EMPOWER programme was born.’

Sue is extremely passionate about her role within Youth Engagement and will always go the extra mile. Sue is particularly skilled at identifying, assessing and working with vulnerable young people who are displaying risky behaviour.  .  Sue is a key link between the police and hard to reach youth groups such as those that are in care, frequent youth offenders or those at risk from sexual exploitation. She visits care homes on a regular basis and has built up a trust with these young people.

Sue has recently undertaken the delivery of CRUSH sessions that addresses violence with young relationships, a programme set up by Women’s Aid and has since delivered sessions to over 600 young people. As a result, of working with and listening to vulnerable young women in particular, Sue highlighted a large group of young girls who were frequently putting themselves at risk by entering into relationships that were violent and abusive.  Sue initially set about trying to signpost these girls to relevant agencies who could educate them as to what was acceptable within relationships. However, she discovered there was little to support young women so in true “Sue” style she set about creating that support and the EMPOWER programme was born.  Empower targets vulnerable young women who have been involved in or at risk of sexual exploitation or in violent relationships.  The programme involves education, protection and empowering young girls to take control. Sue has done everything from identifying the participants to delivering the programme. Not only has Safeguarding Children’s Board has endorsed the programme,   Sue is also working with the Local Authority Targeted Youth Services to deliver the successful EMPOWER programme across Shropshire.  The Sue fiercely protects vulnerable young women and works above and beyond.                                     

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Police Community Support Officer Carly Davies, Warwickshire Police

‘Carly has shown excellent commitment and professionalism in bringing together students, police, multi-agencies and volunteer groups’

Carly, who is a schools based PCSO, worked to identify the youths who she also discovered were involved in cyber bullying.  Carly wanted to change the behaviour that was causing concern to the school and local community. With the school principal Carly decided upon a plan of action to tackle the issues including a student guide on the responsible use of social media, a project highlighting the problems and impact of cyber bullying and advising students on incident reporting. This approach has now been taken up by other schools. 

Carly secured funding from the school, Neighbourhood Watch and the County Council.  She organised the delivery of a programme by the Stand against Violence charity alongside an anti-bullying and alcohol awareness campaign. This programme has had a positive impact on students.  Carly volunteered to deliver a self-researched programme on anti-bullying to an audience representing professional agencies and received excellent feedback. 

She planned the attendance of 30 students to attend an army personal development day which was specifically designed to improve standards of behaviour and increase confidence, life skills and encourage team work. She has included a member of the Bedworth Police Senior Leadership Team to improve relations between students and police.  Carly began one to one mentoring with a number of students identifying two as the ring leaders and causing the problems within Bedworth.  She negotiated an invitation for the two students to attend the local public community forum to speak on behalf of other young people to identify local premises to use as a youth club. In a complete turnaround, these students have now become involved in community charity fundraising events. Since Carly’s interventions, the students have ceased their unruly behaviour and are no longer involved in any town centre related incidents.  The main offender has completely turned around and now mentors poor performing students as well taking part in football coaching to offer diversionary activities to local youths. He is being considered for Head Boy status.  

Carly leads a group called the Student Community Ambassadors. Their aim is to identify issues within the school and surrounding community, to plan and implement projects offering positive solutions and raise awareness to protect people from harm.  Carly has shown excellent commitment and professionalism in bringing together students, police, multi-agencies and volunteer groups and has been commended by the Local Authority, Neighbourhood Watch, the Family Information Service and senior officers.  

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