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The 12th Annual BAWP Awards

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In 2018 the British Association for Women in Policing will be recognising, for the twelfth time, the contributions and achievements of women within the police service with the only awards in policing specifically aimed at women.  The Awards ceremony will take place at a Luncheon on 12 June 2018 at Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry.

Most categories are open equally to female police officers, special constables, PCSOs and police staff, and ‘police’ in this context includes police-related agencies such as NCA and College of Policing, but some of them are specifically for an officer or for a police staff member, and this is made clear in the descriptions of the Awards. This is in line with the BAWP constitution to be fully inclusive of all women within the service. The winners of each category, where eligible, will be nominated for the International Association of Women Police awards, and the winners there will be presented at the IAWP Conference in Calgary in August 2018.

The categories have been tweaked a bit from previous years, so please make sure you use the current criteria when writing your nomination.

Unless there is a special reason, nominations should be for one person only, and self-nominations are not accepted.  A nomination must also be for only one category.

Since the introduction of our Awards, the quality of our winners has been recognised by the IAWP panel, and we have scored many successes in the IAWP Awards. Winners have travelled to many parts of the world to attend the IAWP conferences and receive their awards, so we hope to be able to continue in this vein.  IAWP winners get their conference fee paid, but are responsible for all their other expenses.


All nominations must be submitted electronically on this official form by Friday 9 February 2018, and the results will be notified by the end of April 2018.  

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Award Catergories

BAWP Awards Categories 2018 

Can be downloaded as a complete document here


An officer or member of staff who has distinguished herself by an act of bravery or heroism risking their own personal safety or facing great danger in the execution of duty.


An officer or member of staff who has distinguished herself with positive support, influence and assistance to women in law enforcement by developing programmes, training and/or policies benefiting females in the organisation.


An individual who has excelled herself in working to build and develop stronger and safer communities  and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.


An individual who has distinguished herself through her outstanding  work in any field, but especially those which have led to identification, location or arrest of criminals that cause significant harm.


A woman in policing who has overcome adversity and inspired others.


An individual who has distinguished herself in demonstrating continuing long-term commitment to leadership in the police service using exceptional skills in team building, developing others, leading teams and managing change, that have had an outstanding positive impact on teams, individuals, the organisation and/or the community.


A member of the police service who, throughout her career (25+ years) has made a significant and consistent contribution to policing that encompasses at least two other of the awards categories and has made an outstanding contribution to policing, the community.


Awarded to a female police officer who has distinguished herself in the previous year and has shown herself to excel in one or more of the four areas of:

  • leadership
  • community service
  • developing others
  • excellence in performance
  • protecting the vulnerable

and has shown herself to excel in one or more of the other areas over a longer period.


A member of Police Staff who by her efforts has made an outstanding achievement to support, promote, improve and enhance policing, law enforcement or the criminal justice profession.


An individual who has made a significant voluntary contribution in support of the police service, showing commitment that has made a positive difference to the delivery of service to the public and/or the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.

*Special Constabulary are eligible in all categories that are open to officers


An individual or team who have made a significant contribution to gender equality or service to females, either within policing or in partnership with the community.

This category is open to male and female nominees who do not have to be a member of the police service. The corresponding IAWP award is for males only, so any suitable nominations will be considered for onward nomination, whether or not they receive a BAWP award.

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